How To Use Unholy With a Project Without an Unholyfile#

For reasons, you will probably need to use Unholy with a project that doesn’t have an Unholy file.

Create Your Unholy Project#

As per normal, call unholy new with your repo:

$ unholy new

In the output, you might be able to spot a line:

Unholyfile not found in project. Continuing with defaults

Edit Your Unholyfile#

As discussed in Configuration, some data is kept locally on your workstation. You can make your Unholyfile adjustments in there instead in the workspace.

This file is typically ~/.config/unholy/PROJECT.Unholyfile.

You can put all settings and scripting in there just like an Unholyfile in the workspace.

Recreate Your Environment#

As mentioned in the quickstart, you’ll probably want to do this every time you edit your Unholyfile.

$ unholy remake PROJECT