And thus I shall call it…#

Cooperates with Docker Compose, injects an nvim-based container into it, and connects neovide to it.

You can call it what you’d like, but I’m going to call this union Unholy.


Unholy is a tool to create and manage Docker-based development environments–it’s a dev container implementation.

Unholy performs all operations over the Docker API; no side-band channels or open ports are used. Both local and remote daemons are supported.

  • Uses Neovim and Neovide as the editing UI

  • Connects the development environment to its Docker daemon, so container and compose operations work

  • Your SSH agent is forwarded, so SSH operations (including Git-based ones) work

  • Your Git config and some SSH data is copied (notably not your private keys; you should use an ssh agent for that)

  • Multiple daemons are supported through Docker Contexts


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